70-200 2.8L at 70 : Reno

Reno Zoom

Ive been playing this game I like to call 70-200 at 70. When riding in the work truck on long drives, I put on the 70-200 and try to compose and shoot things that catch my eye going down the freeway etc. I shoot in manual, and it forces me to visualize, compose, and shoot quickly. The narrow field of view from the 70-200 makes it challenging and exciting. This gallery includes some of my favorites from a trip to Reno with the band I work for, and a few night images of signage and stuff on the boulevard at night. I really like the images of the Reno sign, I used a long exposure technique in which I expose the sign for a while, then zoom my lens out while still open in the same frame. I hope you like it too! YAY!

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